Monday, October 3, 2016

BOCES Students of the Month

Hello South Seneca,
This is my first installment of my High School News blog for the year.  I started this blog on a trial basis last spring, and stories will continue all this year. I will be posting good articles of student accomplishments and great happenings in and around school.  I hope you enjoy this first post covering our wonderful BOCES students.
Tim Houseknecht, Principal

BOCES Students of the Month

I just had to share this good news from BOCES.  5 of the 25 students of the month are Falcons.  If you see these kids, feel free to congratulate them. See pictures below.

Career and Tech Center Outstanding Students of the Month Award

The Career and Tech Center staff and administration will recognize nominated first year and second year students each month, based on the criteria listed below.  The outstanding students of the month are chosen based on qualities such as character, leadership, citizenship, work ethic, and attendance. The student should be compassionate, honest, trustworthy, responsible and a positive role model.
Each teacher may nominate 1 student for their AM and PM class each month. The nominated outstanding students will be recognized for their nomination on the announcements, receive a certificate and a coupon for free pizza through our Food Services Class, plus a picture will be posted on our CTE Facebook Page and CTE website.

Listed below are examples of the criteria for the students who will receive this recognition:
  • Exemplary behavior resulting in a flawless behavior record for the month
  • Present and on time and prepared for class every day of the month
  • Respectful, kind, generous, and cooperative with peers and adults
  • Eager and motivated to learn
  • Exhibits exceptional contribution to class or academic improvement in class
  • Demonstrates a positive and helpful attitude towards fellow students
  • All assigned work is complete for the month

The Career and Tech Center Outstanding Students of the Month are:

AM September 2016 Students of the Month

Mikaela Snyder - Early Childhood - Ithaca
Nate Combs - Outdoor Rec Services - South Seneca
Faith Layton - Cosmetology - Groton
Chris Camp - Auto Body - Dryden (GJR)
Aaron Jackson - Welding - Dryden
Victor Knell - Digital Media - South Seneca
Jacob Granger - Computer Technology - South Seneca
Wyatt Andrews - Culinary Arts - Dryden
Alexandra Van Horn - Nurse Assisting & Health Occupations - South Seneca
Kyle Ellis - Criminal Justice - Ithaca
Allison Morgan - Animal Science - Groton
Forrest Stinson - Auto Technology - Lansing
Tyler Crossett - Heavy Equipment - Dryden

PM September 2016 Students of the Month

Deven Butler - Outdoor Rec Services - Ithaca
Courtney Parr - Cosmetology - Groton
Bryce Eastman - Auto Body - Lansing
Paige Carson - Welding - Trumansburg
Coleman Free - Digital Media - Trumansburg
Justin Carmona - Computer Technology - South Seneca
Alicia Bailie - Culinary Arts - Dryden
Morgan Rosellen - Nurse Assisting & Health Occupations - Groton
Laurel Deacon - Criminal Justice - Dryden
Jaden Cruz - Animal Science - Ithaca
Carvin (Vinny) Johnson - Auto Technology - Newfield
Roger Craw - Heavy Equipment - Drden/Smith