Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December 8, 2016

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Congratulations students for your hard work!

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Students Visit TC3 Campus

Students enjoying lunch in the
college’s dining area.
From: Mr. Matt Barkee and Mrs. Heather Mott

Students from Mr. Matt Barkee’s College Success Class and Ms. Heather Mott’s Transitions class traveled to TC3 in Dryden in conjunction with the school’s open house to meet with college professors and tour the facilities.
A group shot of the students in TC3’s gymnasium.

Students met with Mr. Rick Grossman, a Professor of Reading and Learning and a Learning Strategies Specialist, and talked about how success in high school and college are the same and how they are different. A number of topics were covered such as academic integrity, course loads, responsibilities, getting involved, and having fun.

A brief tour of the facilities was given and the students had lunch in the school’s dining facility.
Students then went on their own to meet with professors and staff members from academic areas of their choosing. Engineering, Early Childhood Development, Sports Management, TC3’s new Sustainable Farming and Food Systems program, Chemical Dependency, Computer Information Systems, and Graphic Design were some of the programs students met with.
Students participate in a classroom
session with Professor Grossman.
Some students met with members of TC3’s coaching and athletic staff. Students received information on financial aid, housing, and general life at TC3.

Mr. Barkee’s College Success Class is a part of the CollegeNow Program at TC3. It was created in conjunction with Professor Grossman 11 years ago to better assist high school students make a successful transition from high school to college if that is the path a student chooses. Ms. Mott’s Transitions Class is focused on students understanding and exploring the 21st century skills needed in our world today.
High School students at South Seneca are also able to earn college credits through TC3 in the following areas: American History, Accounting, Web Design, Digital Media Production, Math, English, Spanish Language, Microsoft Computer Programs, and Health and Wellness.

Spanish 4 News
The Spanish 4 class was studying an art unit. Since we were not able to visit the Prado or the Reina SofĂ­a Museums in Madrid, we brought it to us.

Students were given a list of things to look for, and had to find out information by viewing the works in our "gallery". There were works by the masters such as Picasso, Goya and Velazquez among others and they learned about the history and characteristics of realism, surrealism, impressionism and cubism.

Career and Tech Center 
Outstanding Students of the Month Award

The South Seneca Career and Tech Center Outstanding Students of the Month are:

  • Brett Robinson - Auto Body - South Seneca
  • Brittany Burgos-Post - Criminal Justice - South Seneca 
The Career and Tech Center staff and administration will recognize nominated first year and second year students each month, based on the criteria listed below.  The outstanding students of the month are chosen based on qualities such as character, leadership, citizenship, work ethic, and attendance. The student should be compassionate, honest, trustworthy, responsible and a positive role model.

Each teacher may nominate 1 student for their AM and PM class each month. The nominated outstanding students will be recognized for their nomination on the announcements, receive a certificate and a coupon for free pizza through our Food Services Class, plus a picture will be posted on our CTE Facebook Page and CTE website.

Listed below are examples of the criteria for the students who will receive this recognition:

    Exemplary behavior resulting in a flawless behavior record for the month
    Present and on time and prepared for class every day of the month
    Respectful, kind, generous, and cooperative with peers and adults
    Eager and motivated to learn
    Exhibits exceptional contribution to class or academic improvement in class
    Demonstrates a positive and helpful attitude towards fellow students
    All assigned work is complete for the month

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Great Assembly with Matt Bellace - This coming Monday!

Matt Bellace - December 5th Assemblies for MS & HS

With the help of BOCES, we've been able to get Matt Bellace here on December 5th. Matt's presentation in Ithaca last spring was very well received by a few of our folks, so we decided to try and get him for our students.  We're excited about the opportunity.

Parents and community members are welcome! 
The assemblies will be this coming Monday, December 5. 

Middle School Assembly:  7:50 to 8:35
High School Assembly:  8:50 to 10:00