Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 18, 2016

Dear South Seneca Community Members:

It's been an eventful fall with many great things going on for our students.  As always, our students are learning new content and skills such as collaboration, which will serve them well in the future.  We're proud of our students, as I'm sure you are.  Please see below for a sampling.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Mr. Tim Houseknecht, Principal

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NASA Engineer to Visit Math Classes:
Mr. Nixon is bringing in an engineer from NASA (his brother) to talk with the PreCalc and Calculus students on "Why this math stuff is important."  His brother works in Huntsville, Alabama and is currently tasked with the development of the upper engine for next heavy-lift launch vehicle that will be replacing the space shuttle.

A few of our seniors are interested in engineering careers, and one is even thinking about aerospace, so Mr. Nixon figured it would be good to hear it right from the guy doing the rocket surgery.

Art Club Sprucing Up the Hallway

Our talented Art Club students, headed up by Mrs. Copp, are doing a great job with our tech wing mural. Thanks ladies!

We're Partnering With Our Local Lions Club

First row:  Brett Robinson and Scott Hawley
Second row:  Ray Fox, Lee Cool, Jeff Williams, John Hammond, and Howard Yontz

We're starting a "Leos" Club, which is a youth volunteer organization affiliated with the Lions Club. Two of our trailblazing seniors, Scott Hawley and Brett Robinson, attended a Lions meeting on November 16th to talk to club members about the idea.  The local club members are very excited about the collaboration.

We're currently working to get kids involved, and initial interest has been very high.  This club will be a great way for students to get involved and help the community!

Automotive Class Driving Along Smoothly

This year, Mr. Gilfus has a two period per day automotive class.  Students are learning many skills they would need if they choose to go into the trade, or simply for the joy of learning the skills.   Our ultimate goal is to have a half day program so we can keep some kids on our campus in a quality tech program like this.

Maker Space A Big Hit in the Library

Ms. Gale has been working with students in our new "maker space" area. In a maker space area, students work to create projects and learn by doing.  Ms. Gale does a great job in finding great opportunities for high school and middle students alike.

Learning Another Language Can Be Very Beneficial

What does research show about the benefits of language learning?
Please read the article linked above to learn more.  This article was supplied by Mrs. Sanchez and Ms. Nelsen, our foreign language teachers. 

Here is another good resource:

Real Life Training Happening in Our High School

Pictured here is Mrs. Brewer's Emergencies class.  The students learn the latest in CPR techniques as well as other important skills.  Students are engaged in learning by doing. Great job Mrs. Brewer.

Community Garden Coming to Ovid

We are collaborating with some community members to build a community garden on village property, which is adjacent to our school's property.  Click here for our garden presentation. We had a "building day" last Saturday the 19th, and the garden layout is taking shape. If anyone is interested in helping or reserving a plot, please email me or just show up. My email address is

Pictured is Mr. Barkee.  Along with the help of some students, Mr. Barkee is making some raised bed boxes for the garden. The garden will provide some great opportunities for collaboration with our community. Thanks.

Flu Guide for Parents
Please see the linked info guide from the NYS Health Department.  Click on the title above.

Please congratulate the following students on being selected for Jr. High Area All-State:

Abigail Alger (Treble Chorus, Alto)
Chamberlain Bauder (Mixed Chorus, Bass)
Corrina Broadwell (Treble Chorus, Soprano)
Samantha Marion (Mixed Chorus, Alto)
Violet Meagher (Treble Chorus, Soprano)
Olivia Morton (Treble Chorus, Soprano)
Amanda Richardson (Treble Chorus, Soprano)
Thomas Smalser (Mixed Chorus, Bass)

These students were selected out of all the 7th through 9th Grade applicants in NYSSMA's Zone 3.  Applicants use their NYSSMA Solo Festival score from the previous year to apply. They traveled to Cortland on November 4th and 5th to work with guest conductors and present a program of music in a concert on the Saturday of the weekend.
Thanks for reading!

Kyla Perry
6-12 Choral Director
South Seneca Central Schools

Have a great Thanksgiving!