Mission and Vision Statements

District Mission Statement
The mission of South Seneca Central School District is to create and maintain an environment that ensures that every student reaches a high level of academic achievement as determined by state and national standards. We commit to a comprehensive system of social, emotional, and academic support to assure this outcome.

Grade 6-12 Vision Statement
We will strive to create a culture of continuous growth that enhances our students’ opportunities for success.  We are dedicated to creating a school community that will challenge and encourage young people.

High School Mission Statement
Our high school focuses on a strengths-based learning environment that fosters exploration, passion for learning, perseverance, collaboration, resourceful problem-solving, self-esteem, and civility that ensures students are ready for the future of their choice.

Middle School Mission Statement:
Our mission is to work together as a community to support, encourage, and provide opportunities for middle school children as they grow and change.

We believe:
  1. That middle school is student focused.
  2. That middle level education is unique. The needs of the middle school student are different from those of elementary or high school students.
  3. That middle school is a team effort involving all students, their homes, their community, and the school.
  4. That communication between home and school is a priority in the middle grades.
  5. That every individual involved in our community has a valuable contribution to offer. 
  6. That we must recognize that middle school students are in a process of constant change. We are dedicated to supporting them in this growth.
  7. That it is each person's responsibility to work hard to create and foster a positive climate in our middle school.
  8. That we must strive to meet every student's individual needs through flexibility and creativity.